Animation teleseminar with Richard Horvitz and Nancy Wolfson tomorrow

Nancy Wolfson and Anna Vocino have been doing a superb series of teleseminars for the last 3 years and I’ve been there for every one of them. Each has been worth way more than the price of admission. Now comes an opportunity to dig into the topic of voiceover for animation with not only Nancy and Anna, but also the amazingly talented Richard Horvitz.

One look at his website and you’ll see why Richard is the guy who can give you the no-BS inside Animation scoop. He’s going to answer as many questions as he can in 90 minutes, with a promise to do a Part II in the not so distant future.

Exactly and only the Animation Voice Over info that YOU WANT TO KNOW.

Beware: some unpopular realities (better ya know now).
Behold: lots of encouraging truths!

Some of the great questions all ready submitted:

I do a lot of funny voices, shouldn’t I be doing animation??

Are there really only 10 people who do every animation job out there? I’m really good, so how can I break in??

Do I still need an agent? An animation demo? Improv comedy or acting classes? An interesting voice???

How do I get cast in the next Pixar film when celebrities take all the roles?

Seriously, how much money is there in animation?

This animation thing seems like a tough nut to crack, so tell me the action steps I can take NOW to get my animation career going!

This teleseminar taking place at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern tomorrow, Wednesday, January 27, 2010. Sign up now at Nancy and Anna’s site.

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