Studying with Marice

Marice Tobias has been my voiceover coach since October 2007. I continue to study with her because every time she helps me grasp some insight or push past some barrier. My most recent time with her in Chicago was no exception. The difference between a read that’s good and one that books is often quite subtle.

My “aha!” moment this time came while we were working on commercial copy. I had chosen something that was very typical of the kind of commercials I get as auditions, a piece for a hospital. Marice helped me see that my “natural” or initial approach to the copy was going too far. The copy itself had enough emotion in it. I just needed to say the words, not layer on more emotion than was needed.

Every now and then, when we paint our word pictures, we lay it on with a heavy brush; but most of the time we need to be much more subtle. Now, to keep this lesson front-of-mind, I need to spent time practicing what I’ve learned.

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