Will you be one of the 100?

Since 1997, the second year it was held, I have attended every International Radio Creative and Production Summit. It has not only been a great experience every year, it’s been a time of learning and growing. This has been especially true since I stopped working at radio stations in 2001. There are always parts of the Summit that are most valuable for writers, parts that are most valuable for producers and parts that are most valuable for voice talent; but it’s the mix of all of these elements and the way they play off one another that really takes the learning through the roof.

This year Dan O’Day has assembled a terrific group of guest speakers. John Frost, radio imaging and production genius. Voice actor and coach Richard Horvitz and voiceover and branding coach Nancy Wolfson. Oh, and Dan will be presenting a couple of things too.

Registration is limited to 100. I just finished signing up (roughly 2 and a half minutes after seeing Dan’s email that registration is open this morning) and I hope you will decide to go too. Dan has negotiated an excellent rate for the hotel, the LAX Hilton. I’ve paid my own way the last several years. Every time it has been more than worth it.

By the way, there is a comment box at the bottom of the registration page on Dan’s site. If you mention in that comment box that you decided to attend for the first time because you read about it here, I will get a commission from Dan. Your registration price is the same whether you mention my name or not, so if you don’t want me to get the commission, don’t say anything; but I would be grateful if you did identify me as the reason you’ve decided to attend.

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