Better than working for a living

For some time now, when people have asked me how I like working in voiceover full time my reply has been “It’s a lot better than working for a living.” Now, in truth there is “work” involved in voiceover. Meeting deadlines. Exceeding expectations. Delivering the performance people are looking for. These things don’t happen by accident. It does take concentration, effort, persistence and experience to deliver the goods in the studio. And to deliver the audio in the requested format. And so forth and so on.

But, having grown up on a farm in central Minnesota, I can tell you that voiceover is nothing like what I knew as “working for a living” as I was growing. Stacking bales of hay, shoveling grain, and especially mucking out the barn after the milk cows where finished. That was real work.

Today, I’ve spent a few hours mucking out the blogroll here at the Voiceover Boblog. It was beginning to stink to high heaven frankly. Broken links. A couple of links leading to hacked sites filled with malware. Good grief. I’ve neglected the blogroll for far too long. But as of today, I’ve personally tested every link. Later today there might be new problems but for now, everything in the blogroll should lead where it’s supposed to lead.

Now, it’s time to get back to the audiobook I’m just about to finish, and get started on the pick-ups for the other audiobook that’s due in a couple of weeks.

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