WORD 2 WAV, new option

If you’ve been thinking about getting WORD2WAV, a fabulous program for anyone who does lots of telephony and eLearning narration work (the kind of thing where you’re producing hundreds or even thousands of small audio files with specific names for each file), there’s some good news coming out for you today.

This just came from Hervé F. Chain, the man behind WORD2WAV.
If you like Word2WAV but don’t think you can justify a full license, consider the new Pay-Per-Click license!

$75 will allow you record up to 1,000 files. Take as long as you need to record them — There is no time limit.

And this 1,000-file limit is added to whatever is left from the 500-file Trial, so you can have up to 1,500 files available for your next project(s).

Once this limit has been reached, you can add one or several 1000-file segments for $35 each.

Get a $50 credit if you upgrade to a Professional or International license, or a $25 credit if you upgrade to a Standard license.

Any questions or comments, email support@word2wav.com

(edited to fix typos)

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