Invite the Avalanche – part 5

It’s time to get back to this series of blog posts I’ve been writing based on a talk I’ve given at Faffcon called Invite the Avalanche. As I’ve previously mentioned, i didn’t invent this term. It came to me from Nancy Wolfson in a communication with Cris Dukehart.

Mentioning Nancy’s name is especially appropriate today, because I am a big believer in getting professional training to help you stay on track with the kind of continuous improvement I discussed in my last entry in this series a month ago. There are a few people with the ability to learn from each experience in a way that they can continue to grow more and more excellent in their work without professional coaching, but for all of us mere mortals, working with a coach is vital.

However, as important as working with a top notch voiceover coach like Nancy Wolfson or Marice Tobias is, there is a very real cost invoved. Great coaching isn’t cheap coaching. So, what do you do while you’re waiting to accumulate enough funds to make that move?

It doesn’t take a lot of money to start helping people. And if you build your voiceover business on the basis of finding people who need help, and then helping them, you’re going to lay the foundation for a great business.

Your voiceover business will grow. It’s won’t necessarily grow quickly, but it will grow. Keep in mind that avalanches don’t start quickly. Oh sure, there’s something that suddenly triggers them, but the accumulation of snow that rolls down the mountain in that avalanche is slow and gradual.

It took me 24 years of professional voiceover work before I reached 6 figures for the first time and 26 years before I was able to step away from having a day job. Nothing “overnight” about the way things have gone for me. Not at all.

But during all of those years, I keep working at my craft. I kept my focus on delivering what my clients needed, the first time and every time. I built relationships with people that have endured across many years. If you keep your focus on helping your clients accomplish their goals, you too will find your business growing over time.


  1. In the Portland, Oregon area, we have a gem of a coach – Leslie Jane Kronish ( Leslie has a great ear, which means she gives excellent feedback and has lots of tips and tools to help you get a great read. (And, she is also still very reasonably priced). I have worked with Marice Tobias, Pat Fraley, Rick Zieff, Bob Bergen, Leigh Gilbert and many others, and I always glean something valuable from each one – which is why I agree heartily with your endorsement of always learning, and also, helping others. Thanks, Bob! PS Happy Birthday!

    Comment by Hannah Childs — December 20, 2011 @ 10:13 am

  2. Hannah,

    Thank you for pointing out another excellent coach and for the birthday greetings.

    Be well,

    Comment by Bob — December 20, 2011 @ 10:27 am

  3. […] While there are many helpful and kind people in this industry who are willing to share their secrets of success, I can’t think of anyone who demonstrates this kindness and shares more than Bob Souer. Bob truly is (as he says) the “second nicest guy in voiceover”. His “Invite the Avalanche” discussion at Faffcon is always a huge hit and now it is available on his blog. Thank you Bob! Invite-the-avalanche-part-1 Invite-the-avalanche-part-2 Invite-the-avalanche-part-3 Invite-the-avalanche-part-4 Invite-the-avalanche-part-5 […]

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