Avalanches are not just about being busy

With my fond thanks to my friend DB Cooper for posting a link to a related article today on the VO-BB, I’ve just finished reading something quite fascinating at the Study Hacks blog that relates (at least in my mind it does) to the series I’ve been posting called Invite the Avalanche.

It’s important for you to understand that the “avalanche” metaphor isn’t perfect, because it evokes an image of being buried in voiceover work. While there’s a lot of truth to that metaphor, my hope is that each of us becomes buried in the kind of voiceover work we truly want to do. In other words, that we would be busy doing the work that we most enjoy doing, not just end up super busy doing stuff we don’t enjoy.

Obviously, real avalanches aren’t selective as they fall down the mountainside. The pick up everything in their path and fall where they fall. But, in our voiceover work, we can and do have preferences. Some folks really love commercials. Some really love doing affiliate promo work for local TV stations. Some are passionate about imaging for radio stations. Some love reading fiction titles as audiobooks. Some live and breathe telephony and IVR. Others of us enjoy several different genres.

As you learn to Invite the Avalanche in your own business, may you too find that you do more and more of the work you truly love.

While I’m at it since today is the first day of 2012, may you have a wonderfully Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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  2. The Study Hacks article was fascinating, Bob. Lots to think about! My voice teacher warned me repeatedly about practicing the same mistakes over and over again. Working smarter instead of harder is key.
    Then we will welcome the avalanche with grace!

    Comment by Jane Ingalls — January 2, 2012 @ 2:26 pm

  3. Jane,

    Exactly right. If we keep going over the same mistakes again and again, I imagine all we’ll do is train ourselves to make those mistakes more and more often!

    Thanks for your comments.

    Be well,

    Comment by Bob — January 2, 2012 @ 2:30 pm

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