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It you want to take your voiceover business to the next step, no matter when you are on your journey, you’re not going to get to that next step by staying locked in to your current patterns. Something has to change. Marice Tobias makes this point brilliantly in a post she wrote to wrap up last year and look ahead to this year, a post called Moving Forward.

So, now that you know you can’t just keep doing the same-old-thing, what are you going to do about it? If you’re a working voiceover pro, studying with Marice would be one excellent way to move forward. Attending Faffcon (if you can get in, it’s 93% sold out as I write this post) would be another. They’re not mutually exclusive. And there are loads of other things to do, too.

The point is, if you’re serious, you have to do something. But then, you all ready knew that didn’t you?

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