Remarkable or not

As you may know, one of the things Seth Godin encourages each of us to be is remarkable. He wrote a book about this idea called Purple Cow. (The link takes you to a blog post talking about the marketing of Purple Cow.)

It’s my goal to provide remarkable service to every one of my clients in the way I deliver voiceover work to them and for them. But, truth is, it’s not always possible to be remarkable. However, as Seth notes in a recent blog post, even when we can’t be remarkable, we can be good and even better we can be personal in the way we provide our service.

Delivering good (that is excellent) work is obvious. What’s not always so obvious is delivering that excellent work in a way that is personal. How you do that is going to be unique to you. For me, it starts with seeing everyone who hires me to do voiceover work for them as a client, not just a customer.

What do I mean by those terms, customer and client?

A customer is someone who buys something from you.

A client is someone you care for. And when you care for someone, the service and attention you provide is personal.

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