The rest of the Faff Camp of the story

The final day of Faff Camp started with an opening circle, which was as it should be.

Then the first main presentation of the day was given, by me. The topic was Invite the Avalanche, and was based on (but not identical to) talks that I’ve given a couple of times at various Faffcons. The best way to get the substance of what I spoke about would be to put the word avalanche into the search box of this blog and read the articles that you find.

Here though is something you won’t find in any of those previous blog posts:

Beware of the cheap. It’s so very easy to self-justify either looking for something cheap because we think it will represent a bargain (but in reality what we’re buying is just cheap trash) or to self-justify selling ourselves for cheap.

Bottom line: it’s not about what you would like to do, nor about what you can do. It’s all about what you will do, and then actually doing the thing.

When I first saw the line-up of speakers for Faff Camp, I was so relieved and grateful that I was up first on Sunday; because the final main presentation was given by Doug Turkel. I did not want to have to follow Doug, who provided us with a virtual MBA of ideas and insights about how to improve our marketing, how to think more like a business person and less like just another starving artist.

Bottom line: the options and opportunities are nearly endless, but all of those options are worthless if you don’t actually take action.

After the main presentations, we again spent an hour taking part in the table top mentoring. This time I didn’t have to lead a discussion, so was able to enjoy discussions about transition from radio to voiceover (led by Don Brookshire, and for whom I don’t seem to be able to find a web site!) and about corporate narrations (led by Peter Bishop).

We then broke for lunch and in the afternoon did some breakout sessions; among which the stand-outs for me were Tom Dheere‘s on personal and business organization and time management and Sean Caldwell‘s on rates.

Faff Camp proper wrapped up with a closing circle and the day ended with a memorable Faff-ter party that was great fun, tinged with sadness as various people had to depart for the airport.

Truly a memorable weekend, chock full of both good times and excellent ideas. Now the challenge is to translate those ideas into actions!

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  1. Thank you Bob, for re-capping camp so succinctly. I was there yet your “bottom line” recalls, underscores and articulates so valuably! (Valuably? Is that even a word?)

    Comment by Martha Mellinger — May 13, 2013 @ 11:23 am

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