It’s the last day for one key benefit to The Voiceover Class

For several years now, Harlan Hogan and Dan O’Day have been doing a teleseminar series once during the year. It’s called The Voiceover Class. I took part in the first of them back in May of 2009 and it was an excellent experience. I’ve encouraged many of my friends to take the subsequent editions of this teleseminar series and have posted about it here as well. The stated goal of The Voiceover Class is to help you take your voiceover sideline and turn it into your full time business. Based on my experience and the experiences of a number of my friends, I would say it’s a goal that Harlan and Dan do a terrific job of reaching.

Registration has been going one for several days now, but there’s a pretty strong reason you’ll want to act today if you think this is something you would like to invest in. Each time Harlan and Dan do The Voiceover Class, they bring in Jeffrey Fisher to do an evaluation of the sound the studios of the members of the classes. This year, because of other commitments, Jeffrey is only going to be able to do a limited number of evaluations so you have to register before September 1, 2013 (in other words by Midnight today or tomorrow depending on when you’re readying this, August 31, 2013) in order to be included in those who get this evaluation. And again, I can say from experience,  what you get from Jeffrey is  valuable information that will help you get a better sound from your studio.

Harlan and Dan have offered to pay me $200 for each person who puts my name in the “Your Comments” field of the online registration form. You decide if you want to put my name in there or not. I’m fine with whatever you do. It’s not cheap. In fact, it’s a pretty fair chunk of money, but I think you’ll find the money you invest in The Voiceover Class will be money well spent, especially if you’re serious about making voiceover your full time business. So click through on one of the links for The Voiceover Class to get all the details about signing up.

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