Golf and voiceover

I might be the world’s worst golfer. If not, I’m certainly in the bottom 10 of all time. Don’t believe me? I once 20 putted a green. Yes, my friends with whom I was playing at the time, were very patient with me.

None of this has anything to do with voiceover, of course; but my friend Jeffrey Tobin draws a very interesting analogy between the business world and the world of golf in his recent post Practice Makes Par-fect. The translation to our world of voiceover should be pretty clear.

I warmly commend Jeff’s post to you as a good place to kick off your thinking, while we’re still in the first month of this new year of 2016, about moving forward in your voiceover business. After all, staying in the same place is most certainly not making progress. It’s at best, staying in one place; more probably while everyone else is making progress, you are losing ground.

What are the specific, measurable goals you have or need to set for yourself? Who do you know with whom you can establish an accountability relationship? (She or he doesn’t need to be in the same city as you. This can be done over Skype or the phone.) Once you’ve set up that relationship, and established a pattern to when and where you are going to meet, it’s just a matter of (returning to a theme here) doing the thing.

Think about it. Plan for it. I would even encourage you to pray about it. But then, put it in practice.

By the way, this accountability relationship doesn’t have to be limited to one person. Both Faffcon and WoVO provide means to join a group who will help you report on and evaluate your progress.

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