The time to act

When you learn the answer to a question you have puzzled over for some time, the thing to do is to take action on the answer. Yes, you can always investigate further. (Indeed I would strongly recommend you never just take my word for something. Did into things yourself.) But if you really did find the answer to your question, then it’s time to take action.

If you have watched even just one of the three videos I have shared with you over the last several days, you’ve learned at least some of what you’ve been searching for about how to get started working as an audiobook narrator. There are lots of people who will give you lots of conflicting advice, but Dan O’Day and David H. Lawrence XVII do have a program that works.

As the title of this post makes clear, the time to act is now. Click through to and sign up to take the class. Or don’t. You get to decide. But if you do sign up, you’re taking positive action in the direction you all ready want to go. (Of course, if you have never wanted to be an audiobook narrator, then please feel free to ignore this post completely.)

You’re also going to learn a way to edit audiobooks that works uniquely well. I know it does because one of my very best friends took this class a year ago and all I have heard since is how this editing method was transformative.

Registration is now open at And if you decide to sign up for the ACX MasterClass, Dan and David are offering $1000 worth of person consulting “early action bonuses.” And if you sign up today, you’ll get an extra bonus worth $500. But that’s only if you actually take action. Today.

Again, all of the details are here.

By the way, there’s a comments field near the end of the registration process, I think you’ll find it when you’re at Step 4. If you decide to put my name in that box, Dan and David will pay me a most commission for sending you their way. If you don’t want me to get a commission, then don’t tell them I helped you decide to talk the class. It’s a simple as that.

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