1. Just thinking today

    It’s been quite a while again since my last post. When I started this blog over 11 years ago, my goal was to write about one of my greatest passions: voiceover work. At the time I still had a corporate job, one that I mostly enjoyed. Nothing is ever completely perfect, of course. I had to travel quite a bit more than I wanted, though the upside of all that travel turned out to be opportunities to connect with a bunch of my co-travelers in the world of voiceover and to do so in person rather than just online.

    The VO-BB was a wonderful resource for arranging those in-person connections, and it’s still one of my favorite corners of the Internet. A quiet little spot where folks of all sorts of levels of experience in voiceover hang out and exchange thoughts, ideas, encouragement and, well, most than a little fun.

    Of course, in the 11+ years since this blog started, Facebook has grown to its massive size and reach and you’ll find lots of voiceover related groups there. Some are quite helpful. Some, not so much. Since different people have different opinions about which are which, I’ll leave it to you to make up your own mind on that question. Much the same can be said about the various voiceover groups on LinkedIn, though I would suggest the percentage of “not so much” is somewhat higher there.

    Back when I started there were just a tiny group of us blogging about voiceover. Now, the number is legion and climbing. When I started, I tried to keep an up-to-date blogroll of every voiceover blog. But a few years ago, I realized that not only was that becoming an impossible task, I couldn’t even keep up with which of the links in my current blogroll are dead or very nearly so. It’s long past time that I make a thorough clearing of the underbrush.

    My goal of writing about voiceover remains. My desire to get back to posting on a more regular basis has been growing of late so I will do my best to be more regular about these posts. And, to wrap up these thoughts for today, here’s one last thing I’d like to suggest. Whatever else you do in your interactions with your voiceover co-travelers, don’t be a dick.

  2. Added to the blogroll

    How about this? A post about something other than Movember! I received a very nice note from Cromerty York a few days ago, asking if I would be willing to add her blog to my blogroll. I have done that very thing today.

  3. Cleaning up the blogroll

    This is an ongoing project of course, since there are a LOT of links in my blogroll; but I’ve removed a few broken links today. I’ve also added one link to my blogroll, that of the voiceover blog from Jason McCoy.

  4. Added to the blogroll today

    One of the very best things about Faffcon is the people you get to meet, learn from, and with whom you get to spend some time. At Faffcon 6 in San Antonio almost a month ago, one of the people I got to meet was Melissa Moats. Just today I discovered Melissa has a voiceover blog so I’ve added her to my blogroll.

  5. Something new and just for you

    The wonderfully talented Lisa Biggs emailed a couple of days ago with news about Girl’s Guide to Voiceover. I think, even if you don’t fit the category of “girl”, you’d be wise to check it out.

  6. Going Public … in Shorts … day 19

    This month (June 2013), the audiobook community is giving back! Spoken Freely, a group of 30+ professional narrators, has teamed with the Going Public Project to celebrate June is Audiobook Month (JIAM) 2013 by offering a serialized audio story collection: Going Public…in Shorts. Each narrator has recorded a short piece from the public domain, including the work of Chekhov, Twain, Chopin, Poe, Lovecraft, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Wilde and many others, even Lincoln’s pivotal Second Inaugural Address. All proceeds will go to the Reach Out and Read literacy advocacy organization.

    Each day this month, one or two stories will be released online via the Going Public blog as well as on various author, book and voiceover blogs, with each participating narrator hosted by a different blog. As a “Thank you!” to listeners, stories will be available to listen to online for free for a limited time during this audiobook celebration month. The full schedule of story release dates and narrator appearances is available at Going Public.

    In collaboration with Blackstone Audio, stories will also be available for download purchase starting on their day of release, with the full compilation available beginning June 30th. All sales proceeds go directly to Reach Out and Read, an innovative literacy advocacy organization serving more than 4 million children and their families across the nation, with an emphasis on serving those in low-income communities.

    Today is day 19 of this project and we’re featuring Death and the Woman, by Gertrude Atherton as read by the very talented Rachel Fulginiti.

    Downpour link for Death and the Woman is here. For the entire Going Public … in Shorts collection is here.

    Also featured today is A Pair of Silk Stockings, by Kate Chopin as read by Arielle DeLisle and spotlighted on Bookfan. Yesterday’s feature was Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin as read by Tish Hicks and spotlighted by Mary Freeman on Romance Magicians. Tomorrow’s will be The Prophet’s Paradise, by Robert W. Chambers as read by Stefan Rudnicki and spotlighted on A Book and a Latte.

    Going Public…in Shorts is made possible by the efforts of the Spoken Freely narrators and many others who donated their time and energy to bring it to fruition. Engineering and mastering provided by Jeffrey Kafer and SpringBrook Audio. Graphic design provided by f power design. Published by Blackstone Audio. Project coordination and executive production provided by Xe Sands.

  7. Added to the blogroll

    As I’ve stated a few times in the past, it’s long been my goal with thisĀ  blog to maintain a blogroll with links to every active voiceover blog that I can find. So, I’m embarrassed to admit that only today did I discover the blog of the very talented Tavia Gilbert, which is now added to my blogroll.

  8. Added to the blogroll

    Today I’m delighted to point you to the latest addition to my blogroll, the writings of the wonderful and talented Andi Arndt.

  9. A blogiversary for Ralph

    My friend Ralph Hass is celebrating his 6th blogiversary today. A milestone certainly worth celebrating. Kudos, Ralph!

  10. Added to the blogroll

    My friend Johnny George blogs about voiceover. I’ve just added his blog to my blogroll.

  11. Added to the blogroll

    I’m always happy when I find a blog about voiceover that I didn’t know about before. I’ve recently added John Lano’s blog Thoughts of the Voice Over Genie to my blogroll.

  12. Added to the blogroll

    My friend Doug Turkel has started blogging about voiceover. I’m thrilled to add him to my blogroll today. Welcome to the blogosphere, Doug!

  13. Better than working for a living

    For some time now, when people have asked me how I like working in voiceover full time my reply has been “It’s a lot better than working for a living.” Now, in truth there is “work” involved in voiceover. Meeting deadlines. Exceeding expectations. Delivering the performance people are looking for. These things don’t happen by accident. It does take concentration, effort, persistence and experience to deliver the goods in the studio. And to deliver the audio in the requested format. And so forth and so on.

    But, having grown up on a farm in central Minnesota, I can tell you that voiceover is nothing like what I knew as “working for a living” as I was growing. Stacking bales of hay, shoveling grain, and especially mucking out the barn after the milk cows where finished. That was real work.

    Today, I’ve spent a few hours mucking out the blogroll here at the Voiceover Boblog. It was beginning to stink to high heaven frankly. Broken links. A couple of links leading to hacked sites filled with malware. Good grief. I’ve neglected the blogroll for far too long. But as of today, I’ve personally tested every link. Later today there might be new problems but for now, everything in the blogroll should lead where it’s supposed to lead.

    Now, it’s time to get back to the audiobook I’m just about to finish, and get started on the pick-ups for the other audiobook that’s due in a couple of weeks.

  14. Added to the blogroll

    Just in the last 24 hours (sometimes it takes me a while) I’ve discovered the excellent voiceover blogs by Randye Kaye and by Paul Alan Ruben.

  15. How to be interesting

    Copyblogger offers 21 cogent suggestions about how to Be Interesting. My thanks to my friend Larry White for emailing me the link to this article.

  16. Not on the bandwagon

    While I like being part of popular movements and taking part in things that lots of other folks are taking part in, I also have this streak in me that, when it seems like everyone is going a particular direction, I like to take a different path.

    You need to take your path. I need to take mine. Lots of the time we’re going to be traveling the same road, sometimes we’ll be heading in directions that have nothing to do with one another. I’m deeply grateful that you read this blog from time to time. Thank you.

    When I started blogging nearly six years ago it was with the express purpose to talk about voiceover, which was at the time one of my life-long passions. Also at the time, it was a dream of mine to be working full-time and exclusively as a voiceover. I didn’t have any idea how I might be able to pull that off, with a wife and four children and being the sole “bread-winner” of said family.

    But persistence, hard work and divine providence eventually led me (almost 2 years ago now) to leave my corporate job and strike out on this voiceover-only path. One unanticipated consequence of that shift is that it has actually become a bit harder to be consistent about my blogging now that all I’m doing (from a work point of view anyway) is voiceover. To you, my dear reader, I apologize for my inconsistent blogging of late. I will do my best to keep bringing you ideas and performances and people that I think will interest you. And to share with you, now and then, from my own well of experiences.

  17. Blogging advice from Kevin Delaney

    Kevin Delaney emails today with news about two free webinars he is holding tomorrow, Monday the 29th of November 2010 on the subject of blogging and voiceover.

  18. Added to the blogroll

    With just over a month left to take advantage of the early bird registration price, I urge you (if you’re a working professional voiceover talent) to go to the Faffcon site and sign up for Faffcon2. Do it today. Don’t wait until the last possible minute because you might forget. And as every one of us who attended the first Faffcon can tell you, there’s nothing you could do in February of 2011 that will help accelerate your voiceover business better than by attending the next one in Atlanta taking place the last weekend in February.

    Meanwhile, I just discovered that a blog has been added to the Faffcon site, so I’ve added that page to my blogroll.

  19. Added to the blogroll

    I’ve just added the voiceover blog from my friend George Washington III to my blogroll. Welcome, George. Thanks for adding your voice to the blogosphere!

  20. Also added to the blogroll today

    My friend Perry Anne Norton sent me a message today to let me know she blogs about voiceover, too.

  21. Added to the blogroll today

    I want to offer my welcome to Mike Harrison as he joins the voiceover blogosphere.

  22. Happy Blogiversary Ralph

    My friend Ralph Hass has a voiceover blog that turns 4 today, so a very happy Blogiversary to you!

  23. Seach Engines and your site

    My friends at Fame Foundry have a couple of excellent articles on SEO (search engine optimization) for you. SEO 101, A Plain English Primer is here. SEO 102, 13 Steps to Improve Your Ranking the Right Way is here.

  24. Daddy Discoveries

    My friend Donovan Corneetz is not only a superb voice actor, he’s also been learning the joys of being a dad the last several months. He’s started a new website called Daddy Discoveries that chronicles what he’s been learning along the way. Not voiceover related (except that Donovan is a voice actor) but , I think you’ll enjoy reading them.

  25. Added to the blogroll

    Bettye Zoller has started blogging about voiceover. My thanks to my friend Dave Courvoisier for mentioning this on his Posterious blog.

  26. Added to the blogroll today

    I have a pretty long blogroll, in case you’ve never noticed. Near the bottom of that very long list is a group called “Other Blogs.” I’ve added one there today called the Beagle Bugle. It’s the official blog of the Wizard Academy. I will be visiting there often. I hope you will too.

  27. If you have a voiceover blog

    And you’re not listed on the VoiceOverXtra blog link page, you should be. And send me a note too. I’m trying to add every voiceover blog to my blogroll.

  28. Superb insights about copyright

    With my thanks to Nancy Wolfson for emailing the link this morning, check out the superb blog post “Your Copyright Questions Answered” by Amy Everhart, Amy is a trademark, copyright and entertainment attorney.

  29. Laugh and the world laughs with you …

    … Tweet and you …? OK. I’m twisting the old saying to a different purpose than the original. Regardless of what you think of my weak humor, I do hope you’ll take a moment to click through to this excellent commentary by Jeff Sexton about Twitter.

  30. Updates from Comic-Con 2009

    Craig Crumpton is doing a great job of covering Comic-Con 2009 on his Voice Actors in the News blog.

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